Funnel Pages and How They Can Work For You

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While you want a visitor to learn more about who you are and what you do on a website, funnel pages can direct your visitors to take specific actions.

What Exactly is a Funnel Page?

A funnel is a simple page on the internet that takes away all the distractions like navigation menus to other pages on a site and gets users to take a specific action. Typically funnels will either gather information from potential customers or try to sell specific products and services.

As an example, a dentist may run Facebook ads with an offer for discounted teeth cleaning. When someone clicks on that ad they are taken to the funnel designed specifically to get the person to sign up for the offer and come in for the service.

The funnel in this scenario would have minimal information such as a video or images, a description or story of what they are offering, and a form to fill out to claim the offer. This is completely different from the dentist’s website which would have information such as the history of the company, maybe a page that lists staff members, and details on all the services that they provide.

Why Is It Called a Funnel?

At the start of the funnel you’ll have a lot of people who reach your page through some sort of marketing tactic (SEO, ads, etc.). The people that make it through to the next step of the funnel may be smaller as they either lose interest or are not qualified. This continues until you close a deal at the end of the funnel.

Simple example of a funnel from lead to customer

What’s So Good About Funnel Pages?

Funnels are great to see the path that leads take to turn into customers and at what point they fall out of the funnel. This information can be useful for you because you can take a look at where most people leave your funnel and adjust it to to and retain more people to convert into customers.

Another benefit of funnels is that they naturally qualify leads to a certain extent. Let’s say a business is running Facebook ads to try to get customers to purchase their service through a funnel offering a free eBook. When a customer lands on the funnel it asks them to fill out their information to download the eBook.

If the customer was truly interested then they would go ahead and fill out their information. This will move them on to the next step of the funnel. If the customer was not interested at all and just came because it said “free” then they would decide whether giving you their information is worth it or not.

Those that don’t fill it out automatically disqualify themselves. You may not have wanted to spend the time trying to sell them your services anyway because if they were uninterested in something that didn’t cost them any money then they most likely would not spend anything in the end.

Final Thoughts On Funnel Pages

Creating an effective sales funnel can take a lot of trial and error when you’re starting out, but the benefits can be great. Every little detail such as button color or font choice can affect whether or not a person decides that they want to move through the funnel. Similar to ads, it may be a good idea to test different variations of a funnel page.

If you’ve got the time it may be worth it to try it out yourself to learn more about the process. Every business can benefit from a great funnel page.

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