How Social Proof Can Help Your Business

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If you want your business to grow, it’s extremely important to listen to your audience. Social proof can help you grow your business and take it to the next level. And the payoff alone can be very impressive.

What is Social Proofing?

This concept is based on the idea of normative social influence. As a result, people will conform to any requirement in order to be accepted or liked by the society or an influencer. The reason why you want to social proof your business is because you get to show that you’re offering value and quality. It us but one of many components involved in a great social media marketing plan.

Examples of Social Proof

Some of the best social proofing methods include trust icons, reviews and testimonials. You can also show other people that are using your products or services on the sales page or landing page. Or you can talk about the problems that a person can encounter and then share this as a solution. All of these are social proofing ideas and they will make it easy for you to solve any problem that might appear.

The main idea with social proof is that you want to show there’s a lot of positive feedback regarding your company. Facebook ratings, Yelp reviews and Google reviews need to show the quality and value brought by your business. And the faster you share that, the better the results can be for you. The challenge is that you don’t always have immediate access to such tools, sometimes you might have to work around them and that can be very challenging.

For more social proofing examples check out this article from Hubspot.

How Can Social Proof Help Your Business?

One of the main benefits of social proof is that it brings in a sense of trust and value. It can help show that you are not a scammer, something that most people are afraid of nowadays. On top of that, it also shows that you are an authority in the industry and you are looking to provide the best possible value and results out there.

Moreover, social proof can increase conversion rates especially if you have great reviews and testimonials. Don’t buy those, make sure that they come from real customers. This will boost your legitimacy and ensure that your business has the potential to grow and evolve naturally.

It can also help with your company’s SEO campaigns. Search engines will crawl the new testimonials as fresh content that can raise your authority the more frequently you receive them.

Simple Ways to Add Social Proof to Your Brand


  • Work with influencers or celebrities that will endorse your products
  • Show off your best numbers, be it sales, recommendations, etc.
  • Use reviews, testimonials and visual proof of your product/service in action
  • Offer incentives for review writing to your clients
  • Create surveys and ask for replies
  • Connect with and display testimonials from industry experts.

As you can see, social proof is very important for your business and it has the potential to make it grow and evolve. We recommend you to focus on social proofing your business because it enhances company trust, not to mention people will see you as an authority figure in the industry. And from here to generating new leads and repeat purchases it will be one single step!

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