Social Media Marketing and How It Can Help You

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Social media marketing is a great way to market your business for free. Everyone you know is already on it and so are your future customers.

Social media is not a set and forget type of marketing strategy. It definitely takes some work, but it’s crucial to an effective digital marketing strategy. It can be an extremely useful tool for organic growth if done properly.

However, before diving into the world of likes, tweets, and DMs there are a few things that you should plan out to get the most out of your social media presence.

Be Relevant

We’re not saying that posting personal things on social media isn’t a good thing; it’s great for people to know that there is an actual person behind that screen. But people who like your page are mainly there because of what your company does. They want to get updated on things that you share related to your industry.

Most of your social media posts should relate to the industry you serve so that you can provide value to your audience. For example, most consumers following a real estate page would much rather see a post about a new blog on your site that explains the different refinancing options available rather than the salad you bought from McDonald’s because you’re so busy.

Provide Value

On the topic of being relevant, the more value you provide to your audience then the more they will see you as an expert. Along with that also comes brand trust because people who decide to work with you will have confidence that you know what you’re doing since they can see it through all the valuable information you are providing them.

Not all of your content needs to be original content either. Even sharing news about your industry from another company’s social media account or blog can provide a lot of value to your audience. A lot of platforms make it extremely easy to share content from others such as Facebook’s share option or Twitter’s retweeet function.

Be Engaging

The key word in social media marketing is the word “social”, so be that. Engage with your audience by replying to their comments, thanking them for their review of your business, etc.

The more you engage with your audience then the more likely it is that they’ll be engaging with you as well. Social media platforms are great about this because the more someone interacts with your post or page then the more likely it is that their friends may see it. This is a great way to organically expand your brand over to new potential customers.

Keep An Eye Out

As you engage with your audience, you’ll find that you can’t keep everyone happy. Sometimes people may leave negative comments or reviews that can definitely get you feeling down. However, use this opportunity to respond to them and earn their trust back.

If other people can see that you’ve tried hard to reconcile a customer’s complaint then your brand will look more caring to other followers. This can also help prevent a similar complaint in the future by knowing where you have to have a better plan for that specific situation. Learn and grow from the criticism so that your business can handle this situation properly and prevent it from happening again.

Media Matters


We live in a society where people love consuming flashy media over text. Posting videos or images to your social media will have a higher chance of people sticking around to check it out versus just a wall of text interrupting photos and videos of their friends on vacation.

Just be sure that you’re allowed to use the image or video in your post and give credit if necessary. There are a lot of great free image and video sites that you can find through a quick Google Search. Our favorite is Pexels.

Implement CTAs

This doesn’t necessarily have to be done all the time, but every once in a while doesn’t hurt. You’ll want your audience to take a specific action after checking out your post.

For example, let’s say that you’re a real estate agent. You want to tell your audience about a hot new property coming up. You post the property details, include some great photos of the property, and even make a witty comment about it being the home of their dreams… but now what? The goal here is to get them to contact you about the listing so that you can make the sale right? Then tell them that.

Any sort of post or media with a clear CTA will get way more engagement than one with none. It doesn’t have to be complicated either, it can be as simple as “Contact Me Today!”. Just make sure that it’s easy to reach you by having your contact information available on your page. Links to either a website, phone number, or even messenger can work.

But Wait, There’s More!

These are just the starting steps to developing a great online presence and getting customers to engage with you. It’s simple to get started, but like we mentioned in the beginning, it’s not a set and forget strategy.

Be sure to keep your social media accounts active by posting every few days or so. Landing on an account that hasn’t been active since last year can make people wonder if you’re still in business.

Maybe you don’t have the time to post on social media because you’re running your business. Then it might be a good idea to outsource some of it to a knowledgeable company that you can trust!

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