Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Working

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Facebook ads are one of the most popular advertising platforms today, but throwing ads out there without a plan might be costing you more than you think.

With over 2 billion users, Facebook is definitely one of the places you want to be when you’re trying to get your products or services out into the world. However, there are certain things that you need to know before starting a campaign on Facebook.


This is the main reason why a lot of Facebook ads fail to generate a low ROI (if any at all). Creating a target allows you to choose who your ad is shown to so that only your ideal customer sees it. For example, you wouldn’t really advertise your new $4.99 lunch time steak platter special to a vegan or vegetarian. You can create target audiences based on their interests, where they live, or even their age range. Doing this will help keep your CPC (cost per click) down and your CTR (click through rate) up!

A great tool to help with this is the Facebook Pixel. Using data from this you can add your website visitors to your target audience to crack down even more on your targeting.


You can’t just throw money at your ad and hope that it works out. Of course you need to put in a decent amount in ad spend so that you can get enough results, but you also need to be able to follow up with the results that it brings. A $500 ad spend budget vs a $5,000 ad budget is worth the same if you can’t convert the leads they bring you.

Content of Your Facebook Ads

The content of the ad is what’s going to get those people to click. Both the text and the image or video should work together to excite or intrigue. The beginning part of the text (above the fold) is crucial in getting people to want to click on that ad to read more about your story or offer.

People are very visual these days so having a great image or video can greatly increase chances that someone will click on your ad. You’ll also want to make sure your images are optimized for the ads (nobody wants to see a scrunched up image). This means having a properly sized image with little to no text on it. The image should be either about your product or related to the offer in your ad.

For inspiration you can also check out your competitor’s ads and try to see why they were successful or why they weren’t successful with their campaign. Be sure to study the text they use and the type of image and see if you can apply those same principles to your own ads.

As a quick note, Facebook favors media when it comes to ads. So an ad with a video will usually fare better than an image. And an image will fare better than just text with no media (if this is you then just hire someone to run your ads for you…).

Testing and Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

Split testing your ads are very important to tell you what subtle change to an ad works well and what doesn’t. Even a simple thing like the background color of your photo (a blue background vs a green background) can make all the difference in how many times a person clicks. This is also applicable to funnels, which are a great complement to your ad campaigns.

You’ll always want to run at least 2 variations of your ads and see which performs better. Then after the death match you can eliminate the low performing one and replace it with a different variant of the winning ad.

Ad Decay

Out with the old and in with the new is the way of the internet. So should be the way of your ads. People are going to eventually get tired of seeing the same old ad for months on end so coming up with new ads are an important part of long term campaigns. Doing your split testing is a good way to keep your ads fresh for a little while, but eventually you’ll want to implement a brand new ad and let the old one have it’s well-deserved rest after working so hard.

What Else?

There may be a lot more reasons why your ads are not performing how you would like. This article only covers the most common situations. So go forth and make sure your ad campaign is covering these most common mistakes, or hire a digital marketing expert to do them for you while you close those incoming deals!

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