Yes, You Should Have a Business Blog

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Everyone you want to do business with is on the internet. There’s no questioning that. You need to capitalize on that with a blog for your business.

How exactly would you capitalize on blogging for your website? Blogging, contrary to popular belief, is not reserved only for journals or personal thoughts. It’s an outlet where you get to talk about your business to billions of internet users around the world.

It’s not hard to start a company blog either. Especially if you’re using a well-developed CMS like WordPress for your website. Depending on the framework of your company website, there will almost always be a way to implement a blog into it.

There are many benefits to having a blog on your company’s website, the biggest one being search engine optimization. Before we get into that though, let’s see what other benefits a company blog may have.

Show Expertise

A blog about specific areas related to your industry can show your current and potential customers that you are good at what you do. If you’re a service-oriented business then you can blog about some of the services you provide and how they can help the reader. If you sell products then you can blog about how great this new product you’re releasing is and why your readers should buy it.

Provide Value

Now, we know you don’t necessarily want to give away the goods for free, but hear us out. By providing some valuable insight into your industry your reader will gain a better understanding of your industry and what it is you can offer them.

Sure, there will be people that just read your blog to learn how to do things themselves, but there will also be those that learn how difficult some of these things are and realize that it’s a better use of their time to pay you to do it.

Providing value is a strong tool when it come to sales. A well-written blog post can turn a lead into a customer if you play your cards right.

Search Engine Optimization Through a Blog

I’m sure of heard this everywhere, but search engine optimization is very important with content marketing. Creating blog posts that link to other websites and websites linking back to yours builds up the credibility of your website. Through that credibility your site will organically reach higher rankings in search results and get your website seen by more people.

Generate Leads

Your blog with it’s amazing SEO will be found higher in search results. Once those people find your website you can target them with a few things to fill your pipeline. If you’ve been around on the web you’ve noticed that most blogs will have a sidebar or section above/below the post with some sort of call to action to get the user to interact with your business.

Simple things like downloading a free eBook or that, almost too-often used, free consultation can create more business opportunities between you and your readers. Just think of a blog as “free” long-term advertising for your business website.

Convert Leads Into Sales

Not all of your readers will be brand new to your website. Actually, it’s arguably better to have repeat readers because it shows that the content you provide is worth their time to come back and see what’s new. This can be especially helpful because a great blog post can make, or break, a new business deal with people who are on the fence about it.

So What’s Stopping You From Starting a Business Blog?

You’re obviously an expert at what your business does and you should be capitalizing on this. If time is what’s holding you back then you can always hire a great digital marketing company to create content for you and help your website rank higher in search results!

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