Call Tracking

Activate call tracking on your marketing campaigns to track leads, listen to recorded phone calls, find call sources and much more.

Track your success

Call Tracking Plans

We offer different plans based on the amount of number and minutes you need for your campaigns.

Call Tracking Basic

This plan includes 1 local phone number and 500 minutes per month.

Call Tracking Plus

This plan includes 2 local phone number and 1,000 minutes per month.

See where you are winning

Campaign Tracking

When someone calls the phone number linked to your account the call gets tracked in our dashboard for you to view later so that you can see which campaigns are getting you the most phone calls.

Keep Tabs on Procedures

Call Recording

Our call tracking service also includes call recording (amount of minutes depends on your plan) so that you can listen to previous calls and figure out what went wrong or right.

Track Your Progress

Customer Dashboard

Access call analytics such as when your customer called, which campaign brought them onto the call, and listen to call recordings all from our customer dashboard.

Call Tracking Roadmap


Month 1

  • Phone Number Selection
  • Number Forwarding
  • Website and/or Campaign Integration
  • Dashboard Integration


Month 1+

  • Call Recording and Tracking
  • Lead Population into Dashboard
  • Call Tracking Reporting Metrics

We Have Great Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Call tracking is the process of tracking phone leads by inserting a tracking number in your paid ads, marketing campaigns, landing pages and website to see which of your marketing efforts are producing results.

Once a call is made using the call tracking number, the system automatically redirects the call to your business phone number. During that time, our platform will track multiple metrics such as the calls source, caller ID, phone number, record the call, call duration and so much more.

Our call tracking service is currently available for USA clients only. However, we plan on expanding this to other countries in the future.

No, we do not answer the phone calls. All phone calls will be instantly forwarded to your business phone number for you or your staff to answer.

No, the call tracking number would just be cancelled, and the campaigns should have your regular business phone number replaced on them.

You can select what area code you would like to use for your call tracking number, then our system will auto create and select a random number with that area code.

Once you use 90% of your minutes for the month, you’ll receive a notification email letting you know. A separate fee of 7¢ (cents) per minute will be charged for any overages.

As a note, we rarely see businesses go over their allotted minutes, so this is something you don’t need to worry about too much.

You can always log in to your customer dashboard and view the directories that your business is synced with as well as the status of the listings. Please note that some directories may not be available because those directories may not accept your industry.

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