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No more tedious manual directory creation, take control of all listings through one profile.

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Directory Listings Service

A very cost-effective way to start your local SEO.

70+ Directories Sync

Get your business listed in over 70 directories online all from one dashboard.

Listing Subscription

Some directories require you to pay fees to get listed. Our listings manager service covers those fees for you.

Always Updated

Our listings manager service keeps your listings directories synced with your business profile in the dashboard. Any change you make will automatically sync with all directories saving you time manually editing all of them individually.

Get Found Locally

Local SEO Optimization

Listing your business in Google My Business and other directories can help you business show up in local search results.

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Directory Assistance

We’ll help you get your Google My Business listing set up so you can start showing up in local search results on one of the most popular search engines.

Track Your Progress

Customer Dashboard

Access your directory listings and update your business information in our customer dashboard.

Listings Manager Roadmap


Month 1

  • Listings Manager Setup
  • 70 + Directory Listing Subscription
  • Google Business Listing Setup
  • Listing Manager Quality Assurance


Month 2+

  • 70 + Directory Listing Subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

A directory is a local business listing that contains a business Name, Address and phone number (NAP) along with other details. There are a lot of directories and websites like Google, Bing, Yelp, 411, Foursquare and much more.

You sure can! However some people don’t want to have to manually update multiple directories to keep their data in sync. Our service keeps them in sync for you based on your business profile which you can edit from our customer dashboard.

You can always log in to your customer dashboard and view the directories that your business is synced with as well as the status of the listings. Please note that some directories may not be available because those directories may not accept your industry.

Getting your business listed in multiple directories helps your business get found by more people. Not everyone uses the same websites and services to search for things. We can cover everyone by having your business listed in multiple locations online.

Currently we only provide service to businesses operating in the US with a US address. If you signed up for our SEO service then you will receive an additional 500-word piece of content instead of the listings manager service.

Since we pay a monthly subscription to all the directories, once canceled, the listing will be cancelled out of their directories as well. However, if you already had some of the listings prior to siging up for this service, the listings will simply return back to their original state and will not be deleted from the directory themselves.

We do not have or store any login credentials to any of the directories, this is all done via our API. Which means we have no control over what the directory themselves decide to do once this service is cancelled.

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