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2 ways to keep your social media accounts alive and organized

Social Media Posting

Our team of social media experts can help your business stay relevant. With our social media posting service you won’t have to worry about your customers landing on a Facebook page that was last updated in 2010.

We have various plans to help fit your budget and needs for your social media accounts ranging from as low as 3 times per week.

Social Media Dashboard

Our social media dashboard gives you access to several tools to help you create great content and keep your time organized.

Keep track of your social media calendar with our customer dashboard. Whether you want to do it yourself or have our team manage your accounts, you can get a birds eye view of every update going out to your social media accounts.

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Social Media Strategy

Our team creates content based on your goals and the nature of your business. We constantly scour the web to find relevant articles or information to provide your customers value and insight which makes you look like an expert in your industry.

We can work alongside you or do the work for you to create a great social content calendar for your brand!

Social Media Dashboard

Access your scheduled posts or create your own

With our social media dashboard you can link all your social media accounts for your brand.

View all the scheduled post our team has created for you and even post or schedule your own posts for all your networks all in one place!


Our dashboard gives you access to he most popular social media platforms.

Main Features

Our dashboard is chock-full of features that help you deliver great social media content.

Social Media Tools

Tools to help you keep on track and create great content


Unlimited storage of content with bulk uploading and Google Drive integration.


To help you with your content creation our curation software can pull in trending news articles from Google News, copyright-free images from Pexels, trending posts from Instagram, and more.


All the typical scheduling features that you would need to simultaneously post to all your social media platforms.

Post Recycling

Recycle your old posts as new posts with new captions. Great for reusing links you've previously shared.


Unlimited users along with the ability to share and comment on content with your entire team. Whether your team creates a post or our team does, approval settings can help ensure that your posts only go out when you want them to.

1-Click Reports

Generate reports with a simple click to get data on ROI, historical analytics, or even website analytics.


Tag your posts with categories to easily filter and track them.


Fill up your content library with content using RSS feeds. Automatically import your blog posts, YouTube channels, or any other data source to use later in a social media post.

Community Engagement

Respond directly to customer comments, direct messages, and page mentions all from your dashboard.

We Have Great Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our posting service is meant for maintenance-style social media posts. They can include images, GIF’s and industry specific trending news. We use royalty-free images but if you’d like to use custom images then just send them to us and we’ll incorporate them into a post. This service is perfect for any business that wants to keep their social media pages up-to-date with quality content on a monthly basis.

A social media channel is a social media website. For example, Facebook is one social media channel. Twitter is another, and so one.

That’s ok, our team will go out and create the social media channels for you. We’ll then integrate those into the dashboard and start posting for them.

Yes, the more the merrier! You can post directly to the site or through the social media dashboard we provide you with.

That’s great! That will help us speed up the setup process. We’ll just ask for the usernames and passwords to those channels to we can integrate them into the dashboard. That way our team can start posting and reporting for you on your social media channels.

No, we use royalty-free stock photos relevant to the post to streamline the process. But you can provide us with logos and photos to use if you’d like custom graphics.

We also offer graphic design services at an additional price.

If you ever decide to cancel your service you will get to keep all the social media channels, including the ones that we created for you.

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